Public Offer for the Provision of Services Fazarosta LTD


This document is the Public Offer for the provision of services (hereinafter the "Pub-lic Offer" or "Offer") and includes the agreement is entered into by and betweenFazarosta LTD, company registered and acting under the law of UK, a registerednumber 10979225, with registered address 68 King William Street, London, GreaterLondon, United Kingdom and you - the person or legal entity (company) from anycountry, where the company Fazarosta LTD carries out its activity (hereinafter the"User" or "You"), who undertake the conditions of this Public Offer by registration orcreating the application on the each site of the group of websites hosted on domains andsite subpages hosted onspecified domains (hereinafter the Website or Platform or Service).

Fazarosta LTD is an international company that teaches practical psychology. Thecourses are aimed at studying theory and consolidating knowledge in practice.

We offer all our users to use the advantages of our services in accordance with the Public Offer for the Provision of Services and the Terms of Use.

Platform – an online website (service) and a set of Fazarosta LTD software and intel-lectual property, available

By applying on the Website and using the Platform, the User agrees and accepts theseconditions of the Public Offer, which constitute an agreement between the User and Fazarosta LTD in electronic form.

You have the right to start using the website and use the services of Fazarosta LTDonly if you agree and accept these conditions of the Public Offer.

The Company may from time to time change this Public Offer. The changes take ef-fect after the publication on the Website of the updated terms of the offer with thecorrections or additional conditions for the provision of relevant services. Your rightto access or use the platform after such publication is the evidence that you haveagreed to the amended terms.


«Fazarosta LTD» or «us» or «we» means Fazarosta LTD, company registered andacting under the law of UK, a registered number 10979225, with registered address68 King William Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom.

«User» means a natural person, who are 18 years of age or older, that registered andapplied for a procurement of our services on the website and accepted the PrivacyPolicy and other legal documents posted on our website.

«Personal Account» means the personalized module of our websiteor platform,closed for public access after buying any product or service on the website. PersonalAccount is accessed by entering authentication details on the Service login page: lo-gin (username) and password (access code).

«Program» means is an additional professional program, the type of which is deter-mined on the Contractor’s website, implemented using distance learning technologieson the Contractor’s online platform.

«Practice» is a form of organization and control of the educational process, which in-volves students performing practical tasks, both in the learning process and outsidethe learning process, as well as other tasks aimed at developing and consolidating theknowledge and skills acquired during the learning process.

«Customer» is an individual and (or) legal entity who intends to order or order paideducational services for himself or other persons. The parties accept and agree that ifpayment for the Services is made by a legal entity/individual entrepreneur, then suchlegal entity/individual entrepreneur has received all necessary (regulated by law) con-sents from the individual (Listener) as the subject of personal data.

«A student» is an individual studying an additional professional program.«Online platform» - software and hardware that serves as a repository of the Contrac-tor’s information material on the basis of a granted limited non-exclusive license,within the framework of which the Services are provided, as well as the Contractor’sinteraction with Listeners.

«Website» is a collection of information, texts, graphic elements, images, literaryworks (texts), audiovisual works (photo and video materials) and other results of in-tellectual activity belonging to the Contractor, posted on the Internet at the addresswith the domain name .

«Access service» is a service for providing access to information materials, onlineevents, audio and video materials of the Contractor by playing it on the Platform/Sitethrough the Listener’s browser without the possibility of saving to the Listener’scomputer or with such a possibility.

«Personal Account» – a personal section of the Online Platform GetCourse, to whichthe Listener gains access after registration and (or) authorization on the Online Plat-form. The Personal Account displays information about the stages of self-study started and completed by the Listener, information about the schedule and composi-tion of the modules.

«Training period» - the start date of the training period is determined by the Programschedule, available to the Listener in the Personal Account, and ends with the date es-tablished in the schedule for the User to pass the Final Certification.


By accepting the terms of this Public Offer, the user declares and warrants that theuser has reached at least 18 (eighteen) years of age and is an adult under the laws ofthe jurisdiction of which the user is a citizen.

In the manner and under the conditions specified in this Public Offer, Fazarosta LTDis an international company that teaches practical psychology. The courses are aimedat studying theory and consolidating knowledge in practice.Fazarosta LTD is obliged to provide for its clients (users) high-quality and effectiveproducts and services around the world through the Platform placed at: все сайты фазы и геткурс

And the user, for its part, undertakes to accept the services rendered in good faith,and also in accordance with this offer.

Services in accordance with this offer include:Training for User specializing in Psy-chological Counseling & Couching.A comprehensive and more detailed description and conditions for the provision ofthe above products and services are determined by Fazarosta LTD individually foreach type on the Website in the appropriate section and is available to all users.


The Public Offer is considered accepted by the user from the moment of registration and applying on the website. The user agrees to the conditions set forth in the Public Offer and agrees to comply with the "Privacy Policy" ( which is integral part of the legal documents of the service.


Using the platform’s functionality, the user has the opportunity to see the descriptionof appropriate course or product, the benefits and results of product and pricing pol-icy. The territory within which the user or company carries out the activities defined
by these terms of the offer is limited to any country in the world in which they pro-vide the relevant services.
5.1. The Contractor provides the Access Service under this Agreement within 1 (one)business day from the date of receipt of payment to the Contractor's bank account.
5.2. The access service is provided by sending the Listener, at the email address spec-ified in the Application, authentication data (login and password) to enter the Per-sonal Account with access to information materials on the Program. Access to infor-mation materials as part of the Program is available to the Listener according to theschedule specified in his Personal Account.
5.3. Access to training materials and, accordingly, the provision of services is carriedout in stages in accordance with the schedule approved by the contractor. The sched-ule is communicated to the Listener by posting it in the Listener’s personal accounton the Platform.
5.4. Services related to providing access to educational materials are provided and ac-cepted for each module (stage) separately. The service is considered provided fromthe moment access to the corresponding module is provided on the Online Platform:
5.4.1. Stage 1: After gaining access to the Introductory Module, services are consid-ered provided in the amount of 5,000 (five thousand) rubles. The total cost of stages2-9 of service provision is calculated using the formula: total cost of services underthe Agreement - cost of stage 1 of service provision.
5.4.2. Stage 2: The cost of access to Module No. 1 “Fundamentals of PsychologicalCounseling” is 50% of the total cost of services under the Agreement, taking into ac-count clause 5.4.1. of this Offer.After gaining access to Module No. 1 “Basics of Psychological Counseling”, servicesare considered provided in the amount of 50% of the total cost of services.
5.4.3. Stage 3: The cost of access to Module No. 2 is 10% of the total cost of services,taking into account clause 5.4.1.After gaining access to Modules No. 1 and No. 2, services are considered provided inthe aggregate amount of 60% of the total cost of services.
5.4.4. Stage 4: The cost of access to Module No. 3 is 15% of the total cost of services,taking into account clause 5.4.1.After gaining access to Modules No. 1-3, services are considered provided in the ag-gregate amount of 75% of the total cost of services.
5.4.5. Stage 5: The cost of access to Module No. 4 is 5% of the total cost of services,taking into account clause 5.4.1.After gaining access to Modules No. 1-4, services are considered provided in the ag-gregate amount of 80% of the total cost of services.
5.4.6. Stage 6: The cost of access to Module No. 5 is 5% of the total cost of services,taking into account clause 5.4.1.After gaining access to Modules No. 1-5, services are considered provided in the ag-gregate amount of 85% of the total cost of services. 5.4.7.
5.4.7. Stage 7: The cost of access to Module No. 6 is 5% of the total cost of services,taking into account clause 5.4.1.After gaining access to Modules No. 1-6, services are considered provided in the ag-gregate amount of 90% of the total cost of services.
5.4.8. Stage 8: The cost of access to Module No. 7 is 5% of the total cost of services,taking into account clause 5.4.1.After gaining access to Modules No. 1-7, services are considered provided in the ag-gregate amount of 95% of the total cost of services.
5.4.9. Stage 9: The cost of access to Module No. 8 is 5% of the total cost of services,taking into account clause 5.4.1.After gaining access to Modules No. 1-8, services are considered provided in the ag-gregate amount of 100% of the total cost of services.
5.5. The program consists, among other things, of audiovisual works (video record-ings). Each audiovisual work as part of the Program is a webinar/video lecture and(or) master class, as well as other materials, including means of testing acquiredknowledge in the form of practicalical work, including test tasks.
5.6. Upon completion of the course, in case of successful certification, the Listener isissued a Diploma at the level of the MBA OEAEP degree of the Open EuropeanAcademy of Economics & Politics (Open European Academy of Economics & Poli-tics) is issued on the basis of the Contract concluded by the Contractor with the HighSchool Teachers European Society, z.s. (HiSTES, European Association of Universi-ties and Higher Education Teachers) Memorandum of Cooperation dated February 6,2024 and Service Agreement for the certification of an educational institution and itscore curriculum dated February 6, 2024.
5.7. If the Listener refuses to further fulfill the Agreement due to a discrepancy be-tween the Listener’s initial request and the services provided by the Contractor,within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the start date of training, the Listener will berefunded 100% of the cost of the Program paid by himsubject to other provisions ofthis offer.


The price of services in accordance with this Public Offer is determined in each rele-vant section with a description of the service or product on the site. The provision of
services in accordance with the terms of this offer is carried out on the basis of thepayment through the website.


Fazarosta LTD guarantees that it has all the rights and authority necessary to con-clude and execute this offer.By agreeing to the terms and acceptance of the conditions of this Offer, the User cer-tifies Fazarosta LTD and guarantees that:
•user provided accurate data when registering as a user and when drawing up pay-ment documents to pay for services;
•user concludes the present offer voluntarily, while the user:
•acquainted with the terms of the offer;
•understands the subject of the offer;
•possesses all the rights and powers necessary for accepting an offer.


By accepting the terms of this Public Offer, the user agrees that settlements on thisoffer can be made with the help of third parties - payment service operators. Accord-ingly, for the purposes of making calculations between the user and Fazarosta LTDunder this offer, the user may need to accept the terms of the offers of payment ser-vice providers or operator’s partners, such as payment service providers, partner ser-vices, and other similar operator’s partner companies that help to make settlementswith the user.

The operator is not responsible for any additional fees that may be charged by banks,payment systems, payment service providers and other third parties when receivingremuneration under this offer. The user independently bears the risks associated withthe method of payment for services chosen by the user.

The service does not participate in payment relations between users and does not as-sume any responsibility to users.


Users are responsible for the proper use of the service and for access to the platformin accordance with applicable international law, UK. Users are required to use theirPersonal Account or other platform content only for legitimate and lawful purposes.Fazarosta LTD cannot guarantee the accuracy of information in user reviews and pro-files, however, we make due efforts to verify all information. Users are personally re-sponsible for the information contained in their profiles.
It is forbidden to upload or post content that is illegal, violates copyright or has offen-sive content.The user has the right to:
•register on the website and apply to the purchase of the Product on the website;
•use and purchase the products and services on the website;
•use any functionality of the service to ensure its activities on the site.The user must:
•do not use another user's personal access to the website, as well as the name ofanother user;
•do not place misinformation on the service and (or) intentionally do not misleadusers;
•not to apply any commercial, advertising, promotional or marketing use of theservice and / or content received on the service or through the service, except aspermitted by the service;
•do not post, download, transmit, send or otherwise provide any content on theservice that is inappropriate, spam, pyramid schemes, illegal advertising and / orcommercial offers that contradict the service;
•do not post fake data of persons, companies, brands or otherwise substitute infor-mation in your personal account in order to hide the real data and (or) the originof any content that you can download, transmit, send or otherwise post on theservice;
•do not upload, store, publish, disseminate any information that contains threats,discredits, defames the honor and dignity or business reputation or violates theprivacy of other Users or third parties;
•do not post information that violates the rights of minors;
•do not post information that is fraudulent;
•do not participate in hacker attacks on the site;
•refrain from violating intellectual property rights or the rules for the protectionof personal data;
•refrain from using the platform to insult, slander, intimidate, harass other usersor otherwise violate their personal non-property rights;
•refrain from introducing computer viruses, damaged files, or any other softwarethat could lead to damage or changes to the content or systems of the Company.



In the event of a dispute between the user (client) and Fazarosta LTD, the user re-maining unsatisfied with the service or product on our website has the right to appealto us with a claim.

For this purpose, he writes the corresponding claim in the name of the contractor andsends it to the following Within the reasonable period oftime, which not exceeding 14 days, we will respond to the complaint and resolveyour issue.

After that, users have the right to independently resolve the dispute in any convenientway for the bottom.


Fazarosta LTD uses all the intellectual property rights to the Platform (website) andthe products (courses and services) legally and has received all the necessary permis-sions and licenses to place content on the platform (description texts, photos, pictures,trademarks, etc.).

Granting the user access to the Platform does not mean a complete or partial refusal,transfer or granting of a license for the intellectual property rights of the Company. Itis forbidden to remove, bypass or in any other way interfere with the functioning andcontent of the products and courses of Fazarosta LTD.

The user does not have the right to use materials posted on the platform publicly asbelonging to him. The user does not have the right to make changes to the materialsof the service, publish, transfer to third parties, participate in the sale or assignment,create derivative products and other.

You are solely responsible for posting materials whose distribution is prohibited bylaw or violates the rights of third parties. Any user content that you provide remainsyour property. However, by transferring user content, you grant us an international,perpetual, non-refundable, free license with the right to sublicense, as well as theright to use, copy, modify, process, distribute, publish, publicly use or in any otherway use such user content formats and distribution channels that are currently knownor developed later (both in connection with the services and business of FazarostaLTD , and in connection with sites and services of third parties), without to obtainfurther consent from you and without requiring payment. The user exempts FazarostaLTD from any responsibility in the use and dissemination of user data and content.The platform may contain links to other sites, articles, photos, illustrations, informa-tion and other content owned by third parties.

The platform is not responsible for theinformation posted on third-party sites to which you have access through our service.A link to any website, product, service or any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the platform does not mean that we endorse or recom-mend these products and services.


Services can be provided by using the services and content of third-party externalproviders (in particular, advertising), which our service does not control. You ac-knowledge that different terms of use and privacy policies may apply to your use ofsuch services and third-party content. The Company does not support such servicesand content of third-party suppliers and under no circumstances bears responsibilityfor the products or services of such third-party suppliers and third parties.


Users confirm that Fazarosta LTD is an international company that helps its users tolearn of effective ways for combating with special psychological problems in particu-lar cases from a theoretical and practical perspective. Users declare that they under-stand that Fazarosta LTD is not responsible for interaction with other contractors,users or for any loss or loss that may be caused due to dishonesty of third parties ordue to non-compliance with the terms of this offer.

The Service is not liable for direct, indirect, incidental, penal, unforeseen, actual orindirect losses, in particular lost profits, lost data, personal injury or property damage,as well as other losses associated with products and services or in any other waycaused by the purchase of products and services from other third parties. The Serviceis not responsible for any losses, liabilities or expenses incurred as a result of: (i) useof the services, the implementation of actions in order to receive services or your in-ability to access or use the services; and (ii) any transaction or relationship betweenyou and any contractor, customer. The service is not responsible for the delay in theprovision of services or the lack of access to them due to reasons beyond its reason-able control.

Fazarosta LTD is not responsible for any interruptions in the operation of the plat-form, connection errors, inaccessibility or errors in access to the Internet or any othercases that are beyond the control of the company.

Fazarosta LTD is not liable for errors in the security system of a user's device or anylosses caused by a malfunction of a user's computer system (software or any device),or files or documents stored in a user's computer system.

You agree to indemnify and release Fazarosta LTD and its officers, directors, em-ployees and agents from any claims, claims, losses, liabilities and expenses (in partic-ular, legal expenses) arising from or in connection with:
•your voluntary use of services or products or courses through the website (theplatform);
•your violation of any provisions of this offer and any other Fazarosta LTD docu-ments placed on the website;
•using of your content by Fazarosta LTD;
•violation of the rights of any third parties, including the rights of other users.

Under no circumstances Сompany’s liability may exceed the amount of your order onour website during the last calendar month.

If you have any questions about this Terms of Use, please contact

Fazarosta LTD
Reg. No: 10979225
Reg. address: 68 King William Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
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