IUA is an independent, international, co-ed institution of higher education in business and the humanities. As an overseas university in London, IUA is independently administered under the Education Reform Act 1988 by the Management Educational Resources Center (MERC) incorporated (as a higher education college) in England and Wales in July 1995.
International University of America (abbr. IUA), originally a University of California founded in 1980, established its campus in London in February 1995. IUA and its recent global outlook are indicative of its desire to raise its global profile by offering education in the Anglo-American style.
International University
of America
About the collaboration
In May 2022, a memorandum of collaboration was signed between the International University of America and the OIPP regarding the receipt of an additional document by OIPP graduates of the American-English sample.
How is certification and obtaining the IUA document going
The graduate submits a request in the form below, after which he receives detailed instructions from the training department within 24 hours.
A graduate undergoes unique additional training on a paid basis and undergoes additional certification.
After successfully completing all the tasks, he receives a document by mail from the International University of America to anywhere in the world.
Uses additionally acquired knowledge in his practice, increasing his expertise and personal brand with IUA and OIPP.
Only graduates of the OIPP are allowed to additional certification.
What is included to certification?
2 workshop sessions (having mastered the tools and techniques of the session, you will be able to apply them in working with clients)
6 lessons with practical information that you will not find on the Internet:
Certification: the purpose of which is not just to give you a test and issue a diploma, but to draw your attention to all the activities and private practice that you conduct. Large-scale self-reflection and access to awareness in the process - this is the main goal and advantage of the unique certification course from the IUA and OIPP.
4 lessons of lecture format
Who provides training?
Alexandr Struchaev
Daria Kovalchuk
Methodologist of the program "Psychologist-consultant"
Trained 12,000+ students worldwide
Master in Psychology, Certified Professional Coach (ICU)
International teacher of kinesiology
Author of articles and participant of scientific conferences
Works in the method of body-oriented therapy
Over 10 years of experience in individual counseling
Official representative of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology in Ukraine
Founder and director of the Institute of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology IKOS in Ukraine and the Baltics
Psychology teacher
Master in Psychology
Leading Lecturer of OIPP
Sample Document You Can Get